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The Next Houston County Hospital District Meeting is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. at ETMC Crockett. Read the Agenda Read the Financials

Read the By-laws of the Houston County Hospital District
Read Merritt Hawkins Physician Recruitment Survey
Read HCHD's plan to to use Tax Dollars to hire a doctor to work at a Local Privately Owned Clinic and pay him above average salary (See Merritt Hawkins Survey). It appears that Crockett Clinic LLC ran advertisements in a recent issues of the Courier (click the ad to see a larger version) announcing the arrival of a Dr. Brandon Hurlbut to work in their Privately Owned clinic beginning in July. The HCHD has been paying (see most recent financial report) this doctor a monthly living stipend of $1,500 for the past several months to secure his employment.
This raises a question - Is it legal for a taxing entity such as HCHD to use tax payers dollars to fund the employment of a doctor for a Privately Owned business?

Read the MEETING AGENDA of the meeting featured below in Video

Watch the HCHD Meeting held April 21, 2015. HCHD board members approve several contracts as part of the transition. ByLaws, rules and regulations for Med-staff are approved but copies are not presented to board members. Town Hall meetings are discussed for Kennard, Lovelady and Crockett. Names are considered for the new clinic. Although the financiuals are attached to the agenda, none of the financials are approved at the meeting nor are they part of the agenda.

Part 1 -

To see previous meeting videos, visit
Meeting Video Archive

Current Houston County Hospital District Board Members
Barbara Crowson - Position 1
Dr. Perry Ramsey- Position 2
Dr. Richard Kelly - Position 3
Dr. John Stovall - Position 4
Dr. Patrick Walker - Position 5
Larry Christopher - Position 6
Norma Dell Jones - Position 7
Deborah Blackwell - Position 8
Carol Dawson - Position 9
Positions to be Decided in the May 9, 2015 Election
Position 1 - Crowson
Position 3 - Kelly
Position 5 - Walker
Position 7 - Jones (not running in 2015)
Position 9 - Dawson